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Pick a measurement system and stick with it.

February 21, 2010


Canada supposedly, officially uses the metric system for measurement but most people actually use imperial measurements.  This can lead to some confusion.  Perhaps this explains the Olympic bobsled commentator on CTV.  Last night he described a two-man bobsled team as “450 pounds of beef pushing 200 kilograms of sled”.  Wow.  The men weigh twice as much as the sled?  No.  They weigh the same as the sled because 200 kg is about 440 pounds.

That wasn’t the only confusing statement made by the commentator.  He also said “they have forearms the size of most people’s ankles”.  Really?  How can they push a heavy sled with such skinny arms?

I think that the commentators have entirely too much air time to fill and some of them just talk and talk and talk and don’t actually know what they are saying half of the time.

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