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Live Blogging The Bachelor, On The Wings Of Love: February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

Well here we are again, gathered around the computer.  Warm ice tea in hand.

Hometown visits today – bring on the drama!

Gia first.

New York City.  Jake is “definitely falling for her.”

She dated a guy who was really bad – he cheated on her with all her friends.  So.  Maybe they wern’t your friends, hmmm?

So Gia’s Mom still looks like a dude.

Gia doesn’t want to get hurt again and she puts up a wall.  Gak!

Ahhhhhh!!!  Mom’s skirt is too short – almost had a Basic Instinct moment!!

And what the hell is going on with Gia’s brother’s hair??  Got gel?  And what was that about breaking legs?  And the Dad with the flowing pony tail?

After the family event, Gia reveals that she is falling in love with Jake.  He “loves this girl, loves this girl.”  Two loves.  That’s pretty serious.

Now Ali in Massachussets.

Gorgeous fall leaves and New England-y.

I have NEVER heard of making a wish on a fallen leave.  Weird.  Lots of hugging.

And now they are going to visit Ali’s dead Grandmother.  Awesome.  Look Jake!  She’s standing in that window!!

And they explore life and love and death.  Walking through dead Grandmother’s house.  Grandma is crying tears of joy that her little granddaughter is on a reality dating show.

Now they get to visit with the live relatives…and someone sneeks up the stairs behind them…ghost?

Wow!  Huge gold watch Ali.  I think her Mom seems very normal.  Good sign.  Wait.  Ali accepts his proposal…even though he hasn’t asked her yet…although for a minute, I thought he was going to whip out a ring.

And Ali is “falling in love with him.”  Tears.  And a sneak peek at more tears later in the show.  Interesting that Jake didn’t say that he loved her…

And now Tenley in Oregon.

Wet.  Of course.

She is definitely falling for him.  And wants someone to take the reins and be a man.  They go visit a dance studio…she’s a dancer.  And she is going to dance for him…

She gave him a gift.  Of dance.  Super.  And he danced with her.  Cute.  Too bad my chihuahua is passing gas right now, otherwise this could have been a really special moment.  Who gave the dog chicken??

Tenley’s Mom is named Beth too?  The Dad questions Jake…seems to have gone well.   Wow – it’s really difficult to see a Dad cry.  Nice normal family.  I do worry that Tenley seems a little needy.  Wait – a second visit with the Dad?  Jake asks for permission to marry his daughter…hmmm.  I guess he sort of did that with Ali’s Mom too.  Tenley is falling in love with Jake.  Shocking.

Sneak peek at coming drama before we cut to commercial.  This had better be good.  How are they going to stretch this for another hour?

Now Vienna in Florida.

Jake has been excited to see her all week.  But…worried about her other side.

They go for a boat ride to see gators and stuff.  Dad sounds challenging…

Why are they all crying??  She can’t be too bad if she owns a Chihuahua, right?

Jake gets schooled in the woodshed/motorcycle garage.  Jake says he’s really into her and fall’n hard.  Maybe not the way I would have put it…when you’re talking to the Dad.  Just say’n.  It’s sort of like Jake is getting all Bayou on us or something.

He finds himself falling for Vienna…and “it’s scary ’cause it’s so real”.  And the Dad catches them snorgling.

And now – back in LA.

Jake has completely fallen for all 4 women for different reasons.  But he is SO blessed to get to know them all.

And then Ali comes in all emotional and crying.  She has to go back to work.  So what is she asking him??  I guess she wants to force the issue.  He’s putting it back on her.  Not telling her that he will for sure put a ring on her finger.  She decides to let him know at the rose ceremony.  And then has a meltdown in the hall.  How fair is that?  Trying to force his hand?

Now a talk with Chris.  Chris has a really big watch.  So, if she decides to leave for her job, they won’t have to have a rose ceremony.  There you go.

Jake gushes over all the girls.  But does not give any hints as to his preference.  At the start of the rose ceremony, Ali asks to talk to Chris, alone.

And she goes to see Jake.  Ya know – he could always let her go, pick a girl and then pull a Jason later.

She is pressing him to say he wants to pick her for his wife.  Oh this is just painful.  Jake finally says he does not want her to go and says he is falling in love with her.  But hey – didn’t he say that he loved Gia?  When Chris asks if she wants to stay or go…she cries and they cut to commercial.  Good god!

Just get it over with already!  And there it is – she decides to go.  Bird in the hand man.

And he does not seem too shaken.  Compared to her.  And I think he hurt his hand when he closed the door to the limo.

He soldiers on.  There will be no rose ceremony and the girls smile when they find out that Ali has left.

Next week – St. Lucia!  but Ali made the right decision.

Fantasy suites next week!!  And Ali calls Jake?  From…

And Gia’s mother reads tarot cards.

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