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Going to the US for healthcare.

February 4, 2010

I don’t blame Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams for going to the US for surgery.  If I needed any test or procedure which I couldn’t obtain in Canada in a timely manner, I would go to the United States.  The same is true for my children.  There is no way that I’m sitting around passively waiting for treatment here when I have a choice to go elsewhere.  Also, if the best doctor to perform a procedure is in another country, then I’m going to travel to that country.  Wouldn’t you?

Of course it looks horrible for a Canadian leader to run off to the US for anything health related.  Anyone who can’t afford to make the same choice will be resentful.  And anyone who can afford to pay for private healthcare and claims that they would never do so is lying.  Would they really let their child die waiting for a treatment here just on principal?

Dare we hope that this will be a learning experience for Premier Williams?  I would prefer to be able to obtain all healthcare close to home.  I would prefer to be able to access private clinics here.  I don’t want the government to decide what kind of care I can have and when.  I would happily pay for additional private health insurance to cover care outside of the public system.

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