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Advice for job hunters.

February 1, 2010

Can you believe that a UK job center wouldn’t post an ad for “reliable workers” because it was discriminatory?  Insanity.  Being unreliable is probably considered a disability now.

An employer shouldn’t even have to state that he wants someone reliable.  That should be implicit.

A few hints for job seekers:

  • Use spell check on your resume.  Have someone else read it to check for mistakes.  This is especially important when you are applying for a clerical position.
  • Don’t use comic sans font on your resume.  Please.  Pretty please.
  • Don’t use colored paper for your resume.  I look at a resume as an example of how the applicant thinks a business document should be produced.  Script on purple paper is a major FAIL.
  • Do not brag on Facebook that you are going to abuse the benefits at your current place of employment.  This is especially important when you are going to re-enter the job market soon.  You just might turn off a potential employer without even knowing it.  (Yes.  I considered offering a job to someone until I read their Facebook update.)
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