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Live Blogging The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

Well, I must say that I am sort of impressed with Jake so far.  He managed to see through Elizabeth and Michelle relatively quickly.  Plus, I suspect that he was asked to keep Michelle around for a little while – you know, for the craziness.   otherwise he might have eliminated her in the first round.  I also think he has been rather sweet with the old one, Ella.  My bet is still an Ali or maybe Ashleigh.  Something’s not quite right with Vienna and Tenley…maybe it’s their names?  Hmmm?

I’m not a bad person…I’m just honest.

Yeah.  Right.

Ooooh.  Jake chokes up at some point.  Quelle surprise.

Chris comes out – Things will be different this week – everything will change.  They’re going RV-ing!!!   Yay!  I’ve always wanted to take a long roadtrip with a bunch of catty girls in close quarters and a chemical toilet.  What could go wrong.

Girls bouncing – The Highway Of Love!!

Jake – “each one of them is so amazing”


He can’t think of anywhere better to fall in love.


I’m carsick already and I’m not even on the RV

Jake in his flannel.  MMmmm.  Meat.

Gia gets the date card.  Gia is wearing…what…underwear?  Off the shoulder loungewear from Victoria’s Secret with a slate coloured bra.  And isn’t it cute and sexy and childlike, how she pulls her sleeves down over her knuckles and that cute little band-aid?

Again – off on a motorbike.  High heels.  She has always wanted to go to a vineyard – must have watched Sideways over and over again.  Hide and seek?  Awww.  The beginning of a fairytale.  They spin the bottle?  With two people.  Gia has THE MOST ANNOYING laugh ever.  Fake and babyish.  First kiss and Jake almost passes out.  But not passes out, if you know what I mean.

Commercial break and then back to his camp.  Hot dogs and smores.  Campfire.  Look.  Stars.  They don’t have those in New York you know.  Snuggling.  She wants to adopt a little baby from China.  And a pot-bellied pig.

Meanwhile, back at the RV – Group date announced.  And Kathryn and Ella get the two-on-one date which means one of them will be going home.

Gia…she’s scared.  Because she’s wearing her heart on her sleeve you know.  Cliche alert.  And she acts all surprised when he goes to get the rose.  “Ooh.  I wonder where he’s going?”

Complex city girl enjoys simple date.  Jake might fall in love with her.  Especially based on their kisses.

Now, Pismo Beach.

Ali hates a bit on Vienna.

On the beach, Jake looks like Maverick.  Jake wants to see the girls get dirty.  In dune buggies.  Ali gets to be Jake’s co-pilot.  And Vienna’s all go ahead cause I’m going to marry him.

Sandboarding…that’s a thing?  And Jake is “naturally drawn”…to Tenley?  This is all sort of Survivor-ish tonight.  Corrie makes her move and goes for a tumble.  She certainly hasn’t been a major player in this horse race as of yet.

The girls go to an Inn.  Nice.  I want to stay there.  The girls freshen up – everyone’s roots are showing.  Are they not allowed to go to the hairdresser when on the show?  Wow – really bad angle for Ashleigh’s nose.   In his arms…no chemistry…oh look he even says that.

Sorry Ali…I think Ashleigh will go home before Vienna.  Hey.  I think Ali has had a nose job.

Back at tghe campfire – some confusion.  I suspect that Jake may send Ella and Kathryn both home.

Jake is with Tenley – hears about her ex.  He’s practically breastfeeding.  They are kissing a lot.  Hmm.

We don’t get to see one on one with Jessie or Corrie.  They are obvi not players.  Vienna – he’s pumping the brakes with Vienna.  Ha!  The rose goes to…Tenley.

Funny.  Ashleigh is not looking too “fresh”.  Weird.  Nor is Ali.  They must be tired or something?

Back in the RV…toasts to their new destination.    Big Sur.

High Def of Kathryn’s face – not good.  (sure, better than mine probably but I’m not in my 20’s)

Date is a quiet dinner in Jake’s cabin – sounds really boring.  Even the dinner is a bummer.  He is looking for someone who “anchors” their faith – what does that even mean?  Kathryn looks very morose.  She is right – she is not getting much face time with Jake.  Ella gets to go out for a talk.  Ew.  I hate her nails.  He hugs her.  She’s toast.

Kathryn – he loves her eyes.  But it is all sort of tentative – and they hug.  Again no kiss.

Jake – getting all emotional and chats to the camera.  Wow.  This is a very sad date.  Ella – you are so great…but you’re too old.  Sorry.  Bu-Bye.  Kathryn.  You’re not the one.  Bu-Bye.

Back at the camp – shock and dismay!  They are both gone!!  If only we had said good-bye.  Really?

Jake – “it’s only going to get worse.”  And the rose goes into the fire.  How symbolic.

Last stop this week.  A big white mansion with toilets.

And everyone gets all cleaned up – see how much better Ashleigh looks with access to a real bathroom?

Corrie gets to talk with Jake, finally – not feeling it.  He’s not either.  And rather than trying to connect with Jake, Jessie warns Jake about Vienna.  Sounds like good advice though.  Vienna crashes vehicles?  She is terribly young.  Too young.  But really – I’m not really seeing any wife material here at all.  Gah.  I wouldn’t know how to make a decision either.  But Gia has grown on me – except for the laugh.

Rose ceremony.  Jake is very emotional.  Roses go to…oh come on!!  Ali.  grrrr.  Can he go any slower??  Corrie.  What?  He’s going to throw up?  Is he going to leave the show?

Oh – he doesn’t want to give out the 4th rose.  Cut to commercial.

Jake wants a wife…and two of the remaining girls are not wife material.  Interesting.  So the last rose goes to Vienna.  Really?  I mean, I wasn’t surprised about Jessie.  But I thought he might keep Ashleigh over Vienna.  So is Vienna this season’s Melissa?

The girls are pissed!

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  1. January 28, 2010 9:13 am

    I absolutely LOVE this live blogging of this episode! If I hadn’t been going through so much this last week, my recap may have looked a little more like this!

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