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“Why did God let this happen?”

January 22, 2010

That’s what a woman just said to Stephen Spielberg (after saying how cool it was to talk to him!) on the Haiti telethon.

There are two possibilities.

My answer is that the question is moot since there is no god.  Two tectonic plates rubbed together, the pressure built up, and the plates moved resulting in an earthquake.

The other answer, since this woman obviously believes in God, is that God did it for a reason and the simplest reason might be to rid Haiti of its corrupt society and give it a fresh start.  Believers will probably give some convoluted reason about teaching everyone to care for their fellow man and to give of themselves but that seems like a rather petty god who would kill people just to teach other people a lesson.

I’m still going with explanation #1.

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  1. yahstruthseeker permalink
    January 25, 2010 5:07 pm

    Why not leave God completely out of it and look at perhaps weather technology like HAARP? There have been several earthquakes and also hurricanes/tsumanis that have some scientists suspicious of HAARP screwing around. Google it!
    It always annoys the crap out of me when peeps blame God for every bad thing that happens but NEVER when something good happens ( ie someone wins the lottery, they get spared form death or whatever the good thing may be) Just my two cents…

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