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Let the scapegoating begin.

January 15, 2010

USA Today is reporting that the Pentagon is getting ready to punish up to eight officers for failing to identify the risk of Major Nidal Hasan and to stop him before his attack at Ft. Hood.

While I do believe that many, many soldiers and officers within the Army should have known that Hasan was a major risk, it is simply scapegoating to assign blame to eight officers when the real culprit is political correctness and guilticulturalism.  This is what happens when everyone is afraid to speak the truth about Islamists and fundamentalist Muslims.  Everyone was afraid of saying anything bad about Hasan because of his religion.  No one wanted to be the one to actually point out Hasan as a NUTJOB.  Even after his crazy grand rounds, no one in the Army stopped him.  He should have never, ever been allowed to be deployed to Iraq.  He should have been discharged.

Can you court martial multiculturalism?

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  1. Fritz permalink
    January 16, 2010 7:12 pm

    Maybe the next one won’t get so far. While worried, it’s not the ones who are overt in their beliefs, it’s the ones who are covert about it. The PC in the military is insane. I did 20 years and the changes I witnessed have ruined the military. People forget the mil is a fist, not a gloved hand.

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