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Anti-terrorism fatwa?

January 11, 2010


A group of twenty imams and other Muslim leaders from Canada and the US have issued a fatwa against terrorist attacks in both countries.  I don’t find this as affirming as the StarPhoenix editors.  First, the group is led by the infamous Syed Soharwardy.  Not exactly someone whose words we can trust.

Second, while I’m pleased to see Muslims speaking up and saying publicly that the terrorist attacks are wrong, I’m much more interested in what these Muslim leaders are saying behind closed doors to Muslim audiences.  What is being said after Friday prayers?  What is being taught in Islamic schools?  What is being discussed during Quran study groups?

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  1. Aminah permalink
    January 15, 2010 4:48 pm

    Why do you always tend to have this negative attitude towards Muslims?

    After Friday prayers we are given a long list of things to look forward to in the community (which is read by a member in the community). Honestly it’s so hard to understand sometimes, but I assure you its nothing related to terrorism. Unless you think bakesales and poetry contests are terrorist actions!

    In Islamic Schools students are not taught to grow up to be terrorists! We are taught to stand up for our faith and support it with the pen (note: not the sword). We are to grow up, become professionals, and show people through our actions how great this religion really is. To you this may seem like a huge joke – and I don’t blame you. Brain washed by media.

    In Quran study groups we are taught lessons from the Qu’ran and we memorize the Qu’ran! Extremely spiritual time and it’s amazing. We learn the greatness of Allah swt and His Forgivness and Kindness to mankind. We are taught stories of the Prophets and the rulings in Islam. How we shouldn’t fight, how we shouldn’t lie, how we should control our anger, how we should be kind to all people, how we shouldn’t life the sword (weapon) unless we are defending ourselves (because others approached us first and attacked us first – we aren’t allowed to make the first move), we are taught that we are to respect the people of the Book, respect people of Allah faiths and realize that only Allah (GOD) can guide whom He wills.

    Dude, open your eyes a bit and let yourself see the truth. It won’t hurt you.

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