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Better paranoid and safe than clueless and sorry.

January 7, 2010

I know that the chances of a terrorist attack on the flights that I’ll be taking soon are miniscule but I was still quite pleased to find Kate‘s link to the article “How to Recognize and Fight a Terrorist on a Plane“.  Randy Plante is a former Air Force pilot and currently flies for a major airline.

Captain Plante calls the passengers and crew the “final layer of security” and gives an example of a November flight that could have been a test by the terrorists.  He offers concrete examples of what to look for and what to do.  If you’re going to travel by airplane, you should read it.

One of the biggest advantages you have is the ability to profile. TSA refuses to do the obvious thanks to political correctness.  Everyone knows who is committing these attacks — Muslim, Middle-Eastern men between 18 and 40.  Maybe al Qaeda is trying to recruit others than don’t fit this profile but it sure fits the mold right now.

That’s right.  I’ll be profiling.  If there is a group of Muslim men acting suspiciously, I’m not getting on the plane.

Read the whole thing.

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