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Weight Watchers and ice cream collusion?

January 2, 2010

When I was in high school, I was a member of a Weight Watchers program in Des Moines.  The Weight Watchers is in the lower level of a small strip mall.  To get to it, you park and cross a walkway.  Can you guess what you park next to?  A Baskin-Robbins!  Thirty-one flavors of ice cream.  In waffle cones.  I found it suitably ironic that temptation would be so handy but didn’t think anything more of it until I moved to Iowa City.  There the Weight Watchers office is next to a Dairy Queen.  Interesting.

I was reminded of this by a recent post on Friends of Irony (from the creators of Fail Blog) and comedian Sherry Davey reported the same phenomenon.

Coincidence or clever product placement?  I vote for the latter.  I wonder which was there first and just how many Weight Watchers are conveniently located by tasty ice cream stores.  It doesn’t appear the the companies are owned by the same parent corporation.  Maybe it’s the local franchisees?  Think about it.  It’s brilliant!  Eating too much ice cream will send you to Weight Watchers and too much deprivation at Weight Watchers will send you back to ice cream.  If I owned a Weight Watchers, I would put it right next to a mall food court!

(Remember … Weight Watchers doesn’t make as much money if you actually lose the weight and keep it off.)

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