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Pander much?

January 2, 2010

I learned in my General Psychology class about people’s perception of equal representation in advertising.  Apparently, if a group is half women, it is perceived as having an over-representation of women.  I am reminded of this by the “end of the year” photo galleries in the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.  The selection of photos to include is obviously an editorial decision to make a number of points.  Are you surprised that photos of Obama and his family are uniformly flattering while photos of Bush are not?  Are you surprised that celebrities are prominently featured amidst real news?  I’m not on either point.  I was surprised by the photos featured in the “faith” section of today’s paper.  Out of eleven photos, five were of Muslims and none were of Jews.  Seriously?  Why?  Why over-represent one faith?  I’m sure that some point is being made.  Maybe burqas are normal?

Here’s a wacky idea:  the local paper could include more local and national photos in the galleries.  Or perhaps we could have fewer cool photos and more news articles?

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