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Don’t add cancer drugs to my food. Thanks.

December 23, 2009

While working on the computer, I have the news on behind me.  Tonight I heard this on CTV:  “Health Canada may add anti-cancer drug to junk food“.  WTF?

It’s true.  The suggested plan is to add asparaginase to fried foods.  Asparaginase is an enzyme used to treat some forms of cancer by depleting asparagine which kills the cancer cells.  Like most cancer drugs, asparaginase has side effects including allergic reactions which have resulted in deaths.  It can suppress the immune system and cause hypoglycemia among other adverse effects.

So, given that, why would Health Canada want to allow this to be added to our food?  To decrease acrylamide.  ¿Qué?  Acrylamide is produced in some foods cooked at high temperature.  Acrylamide has been found to cause cancer in ANIMAL STUDIES.  At high doses.  Health Canada’s own review of the TWO epidemiological studies of acrylamide and cancer in humans found little evidence of an association and no proof of cause/effect.

Both Health Canada and JECFA agree that it is currently not possible to determine the precise level of risk for human health.

Isn’t that splendid?  Based on an assumed but unproven risk of a substance produced when food is cooked, Health Canada wants to add an enzyme to our food.  An enzyme which is not risk free.  No thank you.

Health Canada is going to ask for public input.  I’ll make sure to give them mine.

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