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Messiah in Saskatoon

December 6, 2009

We took the girls tonight to see “Messiah” performed by the Saskatoon Symphony, The University and Community choirs, and four soloists.

Let me preface my main comment by saying that  the performance was good.  There are a lot of talented people in Saskatoon.  I suspect that the group as a whole didn’t practice very much (or at all?) but that’s not surprising since this is a once per year performance.  People sitting around us seemed to know more about “Messiah” than I do and they seemed pleased with the performance.

My main impression?  Holy cow.  That was boring.  Seriously boring.  I was actually going cross-eyed and falling asleep.  The music was relaxing and I couldn’t understand most of what was being sung, especially by some of the soloists.  The church was hot and that made me sleepier.

I don’t mind listening to classical music but watching it being played/sung is terribly boring.  I am not going to attend “Messiah” ever again.  Ever.  You can’t make me!

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