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December 6, 2009

That is my reaction just every time I listen to a religious person try to explain just about anything.

Case in point.  I was listening to Dennis Prager on Friday.   To paraphrase Dennis (and he can correct me if I am wrong), Man should obtain morality from the Word of God;  he should look to Science to obtain knowledge.

Dennis is a Jew, thus he receives lessons on morality from the Torah.  Jews believe that the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, is a direct communication from God to Moses.  Thus, the teachings of the Torah are God’s moral directives for man – a “how to” guide, if you will, for living a moral life.  Christians should look to the Holy Bible for Morality.  We’ll just leave the Muslims out of the discussion completely.

Dennis says that Man cannot look to Science and Nature for lessons on morality because Science and Nature are inherently evil.  Natural selection is inherently evil.  That the strong should survive and the weak should die, is evil and immoral.

And I agree.  Nature is evil.  Have any of you watched the overhyped, sadistic Disney movie Earth?  Look at the pretty antelope baby grazing with his mother on the magnificent African plains…isn’t he cute – look at the wittle nosey!  Watch his vigorous effort to evade the cheetah…and watch the cheetah grab him by his tiny little tail and bring him down for lunch.  Ugly and real.  Nature.

Here is my dilemma.  If there is a God, and if He created the world, how come he screwed up so badly.  I mean, if you were going to create a world and you were starting from scratch, why would you make Nature evil and cruel?  Why make a world that is inherently evil such that you needed to send Man an instruction book on how to behave when surrounded by the depravity of Nature?  How come everybody didn’t get the same instruction book?  Don’t you get a do over if you are the Supreme Super Being of the Universe?

Just say’n.

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