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Desk de-cluttering

November 30, 2009

I have a pile of stuff on the computer desk which were intended to become blog fodder.  However, the pile has grown and time to blog has not so it’s time to de-clutter and move on.   Of course, I have to comment first.


— Infertility treatments should not be publicly funded.  In an essay in the CMAJ, Dr. Jeff Nisker asserts that this is “socially based discrimination” but I disagree.  There was even an assertion that it’s discriminatory for birth mothers to select adoptive parents that they feel will give their children the best future.  Publicly funded health care systems have finite funding and must select what to fund based on the most benefit.


— If you have a moment, I recommend reading the poem “Sons and Mothers” by Dr. Larry Reynolds.


— In another essay from the same issue of CMAJ (11/10/2009), Dr. Shane Neilson writes about John McCrae, the author of In Flanders Fields.  He was a physician and a soldier who lived quite an amazing life.  The essay is about the role of death in McCrae’s life.


— Dumb quote from a smart man:

“It’s not important to be perfect here.  It’s important to act, to move, to start the ball rolling.”

That’s from former President Bill Clinton about the health bill currently before the Senate.

Seriously?  Just do something?  That is just so wrong.  I expect my government to do get it right not to just throw something together and tweak it as they go along.


— Why are local free papers always ultra left wing?  See Planet S.  Oh, wait.  Perhaps to distinguish themselves from the regular media which is usually just regular left wing?


—  Well, I was going to link to a Globe and Mail article but I can’t since I have to have a premium membership to do so and I won’t pay for it.  You can find a bit of it here at #25.  Instead, I’ll just say that if governments are cutting scholarship dollars, they should not cut merit scholarships.  Keeping the best and brightest students in a province often requires an investment.  Plus, shouldn’t we reward academic acheivement?


— LUSH is handing out postcards to “End Canada’s License to Kill” with a cute little white baby seal on the front.  Awwwww.  Apparently they didn’t hear that Canada has banned the killing of whitecoats since 1987.


— The Saskatoon Public Library won’t let children 10 and under visit the library without an adult.  So stupid.  Kids can be dropped off to go swimming but not to check out a book.



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