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Did you hear about Tiger Woods and the fire hydrant?

November 28, 2009

I did because it’s all over the news.


Why?  Why is it anyone’s business that he had a minor accident?  Why is this all over the news?  We’re still not seeing very much about the hacked climate e-mails and programs which actually matter but we will soon know every minute detail about Tiger’s accident.  I don’t even care about it and yet I’ll know anyway because it’s on the news breaks and in the newspaper and on news websites.  While looking for real news, I don’t have any choice but to hear the fluff as well.


I just read on USA Today that the 911 calls are going to be released.  Again … why?


There is an even better question.  Who contacted the media in the first place because they were all over this within hours?


I’m going to swear off of the celebrity gossip papers and websites and television.  I can at least avoid that much of it.  I really should make better use of my time.

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