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Rules for reporters?

November 23, 2009

Who decides how reporters dress when covering an event in a public space?

I would argue that the reporter does.

Who decides what a photographer can takes photos of when covering an event in a public space?

Again, I would argue that the photographer does.

The Saskatoon Muslim Foundation has put out a press release encouraging the media to cover Eid ul-Adha prayers this Friday.  The prayers will be held at the Sasktel Soccer Centre.  The SMF is promoting this as a photo op:

Each year, the multicultural Muslim community in Saskatoon comes to the prayers in the colorful dress. The prayers themselves are quite visual, with worshipers arranged in neat rows and bowing in prayer in unison. Participants exchange embraces at the conclusion of the prayers.

Colorful clothes.   Neat rows of people.   Hugs.  They forgot to mention how the men and women are segregated.

And then we get to the helpful hints for reporters/photographers:

Don’t wear shorts.

Don’t wear short skirts.

Don’t take pictures of shoes.

Don’t take pictures from the back of people kneeling in prayer.

Really?  Please come take pictures of us but only the pictures that we want you to take.

I think the shoe photo would be really cool.  What could be offensive about a photo of shoes?  I even found one used by a Muslim man to illustrate his own story.  Is it any photos of shoes or only photos of shoes which have been removed before prayer?

Who can keep track of all the rules?  Is there a comprehensive list?

Do other religions do this?

I can’t wait to see what the StarPhoenix has on Saturday.  Any bets?

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  1. Michele permalink*
    December 29, 2009 12:43 am

    No photos. No article.

    Maybe the restrictions were too much?

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