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What next at Fort Hood?

November 5, 2009

(updated 10:19pm)

I heard part of a news report about the mass murder at Fort Hood this afternoon while driving the children home from school.

My first thought was terrorist attack.  My second thought was that I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

By the time I was able to look for details online, the first bits of information didn’t have specifics.  Then I read that the shooters were wearing fatigues and then the news that one of the shooters was a soldier.  I think that I felt a bit of relief that it wasn’t an Islamist attack on US soil.


Two soldiers were arrested and one, the main shooter, was killed. The dead

The shooter was  a soldier — Nidal Malik Hasan (or Malik Nidal Hasan), a Muslim psychiatrist.  (update) He was shot but is in stable condition.

Should I be more surprised?  I wish that I were.

Rusty at The Jawa Report has a photo.

FOX News reports the soldier who was the gunman in the attacks is from Virginia, but they have not confirmed his name. They also report that the shooter was not happy about the prospect of being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan.”   He should have just shot himself.  Why kill other soldiers?

Best place for the latest roundup?  The Jawa Report

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