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Now I’m confused.

November 3, 2009

The H1N1 vaccine distribution is actually getting more confusing.


Only healthcare workers.  Wait … some spouses were vaccinated.  Other spouses were turned away.  Only young children and pregnant women can be vaccinated now.  Except if you live in one of five inner city neighborhoods.  Oops.  Actually, anyone can get vaccinated if you skip Prairieland Park and just head to one of the inner city sites.




Monday afternoon there were about 20 public health staff in a school gymnasium waiting to give the vaccine.  An entire family was vaccinated.  They don’t live in the neighborhood but that didn’t matter.  I wish that I had known; I would have taken my children as well.


And now the latest kerfuffle.  The health region announced today that immunization of school children (grade K-6) would start later this week.  They said that consent forms would go home today.  Too bad that no one actually informed the schools.


Maybe all of these bureaucrats could get on the same page before going to the media.


And maybe somebody somewhere could explain to me why ALL children in ALL schools across Saskatoon aren’t being vaccinated NOW.  If we’re going to try to halt the spread of H1N1, that would seem to be the place to start.

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