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So many questions

October 16, 2009

Iran is building an uranium enrichment facility under a mountain.  Do you think they knew about our GINORMOUS bunker busting bomb when they started digging?

Do you really think that Meghan McCain totally forgot that she was wearing a lowcut tanktop and a major push up bra when twittered a photo of herself holding a book?  Do you really think that she just accidently exposed half of her breasts while conveniently holding the book to one side?  I don’t.  Trust me.  If she were in her comfy clothes for a night alone reading a good book, she would not be wearing a push up bra!

If your young daughter literally almost died from the swine flu, wouldn’t you have her younger brother immunized?  I would.

Why is Glenn Beck still on television?  Why do people take their health advice from him?  He’s encouraging people to avoid the H1N1 vaccine based on a rare adverse event associated with the 1976 vaccine.

Have you ever seen a bladeless fan?  Dyson has one.  Okay … it’s not really blade-free.  The blades are in the base but you can’t see them and they can’t cut your fingers.  I want one.

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