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Astroturf Opinion

October 7, 2009

Update (1/24/10):  They’re at it again but this time via

Holy crap.  Zombietime has a post about what appears to be Obama-administration issued propaganda (it’s not technically but it sure looks as if it is) which led me to a bizarre discovery.

Obama’s campaign site has now morphed into “Organizing for America” with a Healthcare Action Center.  According to the information at the bottom of the screen in blue type on a blue background, the site is a “project of the Democratic National Committee” and not endorsed by any candidate.  Really.  Isn’t it interesting that they use the Obama campaign logo?

You can write a letter of support using their handy dandy links.  Enter your zip code, pick a newspaper or three, fill in your contact information and then write your letter.  Or you could just cut and past the “talking points”.

You have to actually enter information to reach the tool to “write” a letter so here’s what you’ll find there.

Writing tips:

  • Concise letters are usually most effective.
  • Follow the suggested talking points.
  • Personalize your letter.

Talking points:

Note: These points are only to provide extra information and suggestions.

Your letter does not need to include all these points and, most importantly, it should focus on your own, personal opinion, and mention where you live.

Our system works better for insurance companies that it does for the American people. Tens of millions of Americans have no health insurance, living one accident or illness away from total financial disaster. Hundreds of millions of who Americans have insurance live with the constant worry that they might lose it if they move, change jobs or lose their jobs—or that their insurance company might cancel their plan when they get sick.

President Obama’s plan will simply make insurance work better, by holding the insurance industry accountable. Under the President’s plan, it will be against the law for insurance companies to:

  • Deny coverage based on a preexisting condition.
  • Drop or weaken coverage when you get sick.
  • Place cap on the amount of coverage you can receive in a given year or a lifetime.

For the tens of millions of Americans without insurance, President Obama’s plan will offer quality, affordable choices. The President’s plan calls for the creation of a new insurance exchange, where individuals and small businesses a can compare plans and buy the one that works best for them. President Obama believes that one of the options available in the insurance exchange should be a public insurance option. He believes a public option is a way to create more competition and ensure every American has an affordable choice.

We are closer now than ever to enacting comprehensive reform. An unprecedented coalition of doctors and nurses—and a huge percentage of the American people—are behind President Obama’s plan. It’s time to finish the job and pass real reform.

Concerned citizens don’t even have to actually send a letter.  Click-click-click and your almost-form-letter is sent off via e-mail.

I really hope that the newspapers get duplicates of identical letters from people who aren’t capable of composing their own opinion into a real letter to the editor.   In fact, I hope that they get piles of letters so that they can’t possible miss the astro-turfing.  Presidential astro-turfing no less.

Hmmmm … I think that you could actually use the site to send letters to newspaper editors to warn them that people are using the site to create form letters.  Heh.

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