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Something is happening…

September 25, 2009

I was tempted to write about the US decision to back out of the anti-missile shield deal in the Czech Republic and Poland.  However, I suspected that there was something more behind this decision than I could possibly know or understand.  Soon there was lots of speculation about Obama and how he was sucking up to the Russians.  Again, I don’t know enough about politics to comment on this sort of gossip, but I was starting to wonder if this could be a long chess game.  Then, I wanted to write about Obama’s speech to the UN where he threw the US under the bus over and over again, bending over backwards to let it be known that the US was entering a new era, where the US was equal to all other nations in the world and would never again try to make other countries conform to the American ideal of democracy and freedom.  Really?  What the hell was he thinking.  THEN I was going to write a post about  Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech which seemed extraordinarily like a warning…

So this morning – stunning.  The chess game appears to be playing out in background flurry of America-based jihad activity.  And lo!  Iran has a second underground nuclear facility that is “not for peaceful purposes”.  Duh!  In a speech to the G20, Obama, with Brown and Sarkozy at his side, gives Iran an ultimatum.  I know very little about politics but it sounds to me that the US worked to win the support of Russia, in order to have Putin stand in support of a US, GB and France-backed severe scolding of Iran.  And I suspect that this is in response to a fear that without this strong display of solidarity of world powers standing against Iran, Israel will attack Iran…soon.

Perhaps the flurry of Jihadist activity is a distraction.  Iran knows that we know that they have a second nuclear facility.  The scary thing is that all this may push Ahmadinijad to create the conditions required to bring the Mahdi sooner, rather than later…

Things unfold…

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