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Ministry of Propaganda

September 24, 2009

aka The National Endowment for the Arts

Have you heard about this?  The Obama administration used the NEA to recruit artists.  The goal was to have the artists produce propaganda in support of President Obama’s position on healthcare.  The word “propaganda” wasn’t used but it’s very obvious that was the intent.

As detailed by Ben Shapiro at, this is illegal.  No money from Congress can be used to lobby Congress.  I’m amazed that this happened.  I’m a cynic but apparently I can be quite naive sometimes.  Who knew?

Why is the government involved in funding arts anyway?  (Oh.  That reminds me.  Must rant about art gallery here.)

What else is the Obama administration doing that we don’t know about yet?

I’m sick and can barely form coherent thoughts.  Go to the Big Hollywood site and follow the links.  They have great information.  We should all be thankful that Andrew Breitbart started this site among others.

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