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Who’s playing god?

September 23, 2009

The blogger at “From the Left” accuses BBC expert Chris Packham of thinking he’s god.  What did Mr. Packham do?  Suggested that too much money and effort is being expended to save the giant panda.

That blogger has it backwards.  Anyone fighting to save this and that animal or plant is playing god.  How?  By fighting natural selection.  Species go extinct.  That’s the natural order.  We wouldn’t be here without the extinction of the dinosaur.  I’ve written about this before … extinction is not bad.
Isn’t it kind of arrogant to believe that humans are outside of the natural world, above it even?  We are part of the natural cycles which occur.  The impact we have is not inherently wrong.  Some species may go extinct because of human actions but other species will fill those niches.

This is the same arrogance exhibited when people think that we can stop climate change.

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