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Arizona Governor Communicates Directly With God

September 17, 2009

or something

“…I firmly believe that God has placed me in this powerful position of Arizona’s governor to help guide our state through the difficulty that we are currently facing.”

And how will she help guide our state through difficult times?

I believe in the power of prayer…

Wa?  Come again?

Brewer detailed to a group of pastors of the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church how she relies on her faith and in prayer to deal with many of the issues she faces as the state’s chief executive. Brewer also said there are times when, during a meeting with staffers, one will suggest praying about an issue.

“And we stop, and we take that time, and we pray about it,” Brewer, a Missouri Synod-Lutheran herself, told the group meeting here. “And it does make a difference.”

Well!  That’ll get ‘er done!
I think that is is so awesome that God has taken the time to place politicians in office, as he sees fit.  I mean, thank goodness he has taken time to encourage Mark Sanford to soldier on.  However, and apologies to Godwin, if God places politicians in office, is He then responsible for all political appointments?  You know where I’m going with this right?

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