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Electric Car

September 15, 2009

I was thinking of buying They Might Be Giants’ new album, Here Comes Science.  I love this group’s music and their videos are always really charming.  But then I came across one of the videos from Here Comes Science.  It is a cheery little ditty called “Electric Car”.  Guess what?  It’s about electric cars.  You know…smug mobiles.  Here is the problem with electric cars.  I think that people who drive these cars believe that they are being green and saving the planet by reducing their production of green-house gases.  They believe they are saving the polar bears and the penguins and natives of tiny islands in the south pacific.  Problem.  If you think that burning fossil fuels is somehow causing “climate change”, then how is using an electric car better than driving a regular car?  I mean, electricity comes from…usually, burning fossil fuels.  And if not from fossil fuel, it comes from nuclear fission, which creates highly radioactive waste that is dangerous for 100’s of thousands of years.  Or maybe it comes from wind turbines that kill thousands of birds and make bats explode internally.  So just because there is no exhaust coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe does not mean you are not polluting.

Maybe, if you really believe that man is causing climate change, you should walk.

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