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al-Queda and 9 – 11

September 12, 2009

Sometimes I get busy and distracted and I stop checking websites which I then rediscover at some later date.   Yesterday, I found The Jawa Report.  Just in time as this is what they had today:

9-11 comparison

Also from The Jawa Report comes the news that al-Qaeda has restarted their forum called al Ekhlaas and the banner ad features a shot of the Twin Towers.  Gosh, do you think the date the selected to restart the forum has any significance?

al queda forum

Isn’t the outline of the plane a nice touch?  Apparently, Islamic terrorists are not Truthers.

Who uses the al Qaeda forum? You have to be registered to login but there’s no place to register (not that I would!) so you must need to have the secret decoder ring for access.  In 2006, 7% of users were in the US and 1% in Canada.  I don’t know how they do it but the Society for Internet Research have studied users of this terrorist forum via an undercover operation.   They found evidence suggesting al Qaeda in Pakistan might have used the forum for communication.

The notice at the bottom of the forum page is a hoot.  “Members’ posts don’t undergo censoring and don’t represent Alekhlaas view.”  Censoring?  Ha.  That’s just CYA language from the host.

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