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Full Disclosure

September 7, 2009

Cory Kolt on NewsTalk650 is going to Herbal Magic to lose weight.  He has blogged about his success using their plan and done a commercial which can be heard on NewsTalk650.

A week ago, I posted a comment to his blog asking if he had received the Herbal Magic services for free in exchange for promoting the company on air and via his blog.

The comment has still not been approved and has not appeared on the blog.

Honestly, I assume that he is benefiting from a barter — free counseling and supplements in exchange for promotion.  Whatever.  The problem is that he’s not being upfront about it.  Why not just tell the whole story?  He hints at it by saying “the opportunity came knocking to sit down with the staff at Herbal Magic.”  Really?  Anyone has the same opportunity and they can keep talking if they pay the fees.  How much is it worth?  Based on what’s written on the internet, it can cost thousands of dollars including $250 per month for herbal supplements.  (By the way, I’m not picking on Herbal Magic.  Other weight loss businesses do the same thing including LA Weight Loss which is a bit cheaper.)

The program seems to be working for Cory but would he be as happy with it if he had to pay for it?

So, Cory, post the comment and fess up.

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  1. shawn permalink
    September 10, 2009 6:25 pm

    i pay the full nut at la weigtloss and it has been worth every cent. i fact i am moner ahead with the savings from not eating out three times a week, large amounts of junk food and fast food for lunch at work. ps cant wait to see a true american hero george w.


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