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We’re melting!

September 4, 2009

Sooooo … a German artist set out rows and rows of ice sculptures of humans to “highlight climate change in the arctic.”  Since it is currently summer in Germany, the sculptures melted.  I guess that this is supposed to illustrate how we will all die if we don’t stop climate change RIGHT NOW or maybe the artist is just trying to reinforce the storyline that the arctic is melting.  (I would have added a Santa sinking into water.)

ice sculptures

I have a question.  What do you think would happen to those sculptures if they were actually placed in the arctic?  Perhaps on an iceberg?

This reminds me of a recent post by Kate at small dead animals.  She was discussing  the supposedly melting polar ice caps with people who had never experienced a Saskatchewan winter.

“Well then,” I said, “I can tell you something you probably didn’t know. When the temperature rises from -40C to -35C, nothing melts.”

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