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Real Heroes

September 2, 2009

Yesterday Sgt. Darby Todd Morin was buried.  He was an American soldier from Saskatchewan and he died in Afghanistan where he was serving his third tour of duty.

At his funeral, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall spoke at his funeral.

Premier Brad Wall, one of more than a dozen municipal, provincial or federal politicians attending the service, said the word “hero” is often used to describe hockey or football stars.

“We need to find a different word for those things,” said Wall. “Today, the word ‘hero’ belongs only to Sgt. Darby Morin.”

I agree.  We need to celebrate true heroes who do the right thing when it is hard, who put their own lives at risk to defend ours, who fight for what they believe in.

Have you heard about the former NBA player who joined the Army and is now serving in Iraq?  Tim James was the Miami Heat’s first round draft pick in 1999 and, after making a nice living playing basketball around the world, he joined the Army.

“I think of myself as a patriot,” James said. “I wanted to give back to a country that gave so much to me.”

“I have no doubts,” James said. “I have no regrets. Not one bit.”

Tim James the soldier is a hero.  The athlete was simply an entertainer.

Lance Corporal Sally Clarke is another hero.  This British medic took care of the soldiers in her unit even though she was injured.  She stayed behind when others who were injured were evacuated.

“I didn’t feel like my injuries were bad enough to go back to the hospital, particularly as I was the only medic on the ground at the time.

“I couldn’t leave them on their own. I came out here to support the troops on the ground and give them medical care when they needed it the most.”

True heroes.  Excellent role models.

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  1. September 3, 2009 12:14 pm

    Hear, hear.

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