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Bring on winter. I have tights!

August 31, 2009

Since I live in a city where temperatures hover around -30C for weeks at a time, you might think that the stores here would carry lots of tights and that said tights would be available from late summer to late spring.

You would be wrong.

Tights are very difficult to find in general but especially in a larger than teeny tiny size.  When I have found them, they are usually black.  Necessary and useful but blah.  Tights can also be incredibly uncomfortable — too tight and/or too long.  Ugh.  Last year I bought Curvation tights at Zellers.  This is Queen Latifah’s clothing line so I had high hopes.  I have never laughed so hard when trying on clothes!  The “panty” part of the tights was huge.  I could pull them almost up to my chin.  Too funny.

Anyhow … back to this years search for tights.  I started early and thank goodness for the interwebs!  Thanks to the Sassy Contessa, I have tights that fit!

We Love Colors has tights in 51 colors plus 14 patterns.  I’m not sure about all of their products but the ones we purchased were even made in the USA.

we love colors

According to my daughters, I bought “boring” colors.  They did not.

I’m ready for winter.

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