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Color me unamused.

August 26, 2009

Murray Wood at NewsTalk650 is whining about the spellchecker on his Microsoft Word.  He acts as if it’s a personal affront for his computer to mark his Canadian spellings as misspelled words.

Americans are presumptuous and arrogant and forcing their spellings upon the world!

Wrong.  All he needs to do is change his location in his computer’s control panel.

I hate the Canadian spellings and refuse to use them but my computer knows that it is in Canada and uses “English (Canada)” for judging spelling.  I simply ignore the little squiggly lines.

Language evolves over time and will evolve differently in different places with different influences.  How is this surprising?  Murray sounds like the French complaining about their language being soiled by the adoption of anglicized words.  Language is dynamic.

By the way, I would argue that “center” is correctly spelled since the word is not pronounced “cen-tra”.

Fix your computer and please back off on the anti-American hostility.  Might I suggest a sense of humor?

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