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What were they thinking?

August 23, 2009

I love Etsy.  Love love love it.  I’ve made friends via Etsy and found amazing things for myself, my family, and gifts.  However, while browsing through Etsy, I sometimes find items that just make me scratch my head.  Seriously.  I assume that if someone can imagine an item and make it then there is probably someone, somewhere, who will buy it.  I don’t know who because some of the items are truly bizarre.  What’s that?  You want examples?  Why certainly.

Funky fluffy chaps?  With matching hot pants?


A skirt that makes it look as if you are wearing a turquoise loincloth?


A brooch of the Venus of Willendorf?

willendorf brooch

That is a brooch.  You are meant to wear it on your chest.

I am convinced that you can find almost anything on Etsy.  If you want something, there is someone who makes and/or sells it.  Except for the Folio Bag that I had in Jr. High.  I can’t find one of those anywhere.  Go figure.

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