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August 20, 2009 is at it again but I think that they are confused.

Their mandate is to “engage the world” to make them “receptive to U.S. national interests.”

How does “A Multicultural Ramadan” do that?  How does a photo gallery of Muslims from around the world celebrating Ramadan teach the world about America?

One of the featured stories is about a multi-faith family.  The student tells about her Israeli mother who converted to Islam. Her mother’s father “refused to celebrate ramadan.”  Why would he pray with them if he’s not Muslim?  Are we all expected to celebrate ramadan?  Not me.

I really do not understand this.  We should be teaching about our beliefs as a nation and about our cultural foundations.  We should be promoting liberty and freedom, not a religion.

The State Department is actually encouraging embassies to conduct outreach activities during ramadan and they are providing resources.  You can’t see the actual notice online but Atlas Shrugs has screen shots.  She makes a good point that this type of outreach isn’t likely to happen for other faith communities.  Maybe we’re wrong but I doubt that there is a Hannukah outreach memo being prepared.

Is this really the role of government?

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