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Health czar?

August 18, 2009

The editors of the Canadian Medical Association Journal are calling for the creation of a “health czar.”

A visible independent health care czar, with executive powers across all jurisdictions and who is ultimately accountable to the highest office in the country, must be in place.


Independent?  Executive powers?

That’s insane.  You cannot have an individual deciding what all health care providers across the country will do.  The CMAJ had suggested something similar in 2004 with recommendations that the head of the Public Health Agency have legal powers in a crisis.

The right course of action in Ottawa might be quite different from the right course in Northern Saskatchewan.  That seems obvious to me.

And when exactly would these “crisis” powers kick in?  Does the health czar get to decide that, too?

I have two more thoughts.  First, stop with the “czar” stuff already.  The Obama-envy is blatant.  Second, I’d like to point out that the CMAJ does not speak for all doctors.  The editors only speak for themselves.

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