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Why should I go hungry?

August 14, 2009

A few months ago I was scheduled for a medical procedure which required me to fast for over 24 hours.  On the day I was fasting, a friend visited and I served her lunch.  I didn’t expect her to fast with me.  I also didn’t expect my family to avoid eating just to make me feel better.

What about a religiously mandated fast?

A Toronto-based Muslim blogger is critical of non-Muslims whose behavior makes fasting for Ramadan more challenging.  He calls this “apathy” when a teacher notes that he must be hungry, when fellow students bring food to class, and when an instructor asks why his work is not finished.

I guess apathy is the right word to use.  Indifference.  Lack of concern.

What does he expect?  That non-Muslims would keep track of Ramadan and change their behavior accordingly?

He even criticizes a Saskatchewan provincial job fair as “culturally insensitive” for serving food one hour before sunset.  What about everyone else at an evening meeting who is hungry and expecting supper?  Should they have to wait?

I don’t think so.  If you choose to fast, go for it.  Just don’t try to dictate whether I can have a coffee in class or serve cookies at a meeting.  You may choose to not eat during daylight hours for an entire month but I won’t.  I will make the accommodation to postpone inviting Muslim friends to a dinner party until after Ramadan.  I’ll also make sure that dinner is saved for my husband to eat after sundown but I’m eating when I’m hungry.  Deal with it.

Did I mention that  I also happily eat meat while dining with vegetarians?

Hey … I just thought of another question.  Do you think that the halal restaurants in town will change their hours for Ramadan?

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