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Nutella and the Better Breakfast Challenge

August 12, 2009

What’s Up (Canada’s Family Magazine) has a monthly feature — “Helping Hands spotlights volunteer opportunities promoting family togetherness.”  Okay, that sounds like a good idea.  So, what’s this month’s topic?

The Better Breakfast Challenge, a national public education and fundraising campaign, is out to change the poor morning nutrition of Canadian children.”

Hmmm.   Breakfast tip number 10 is to have toast with Nutella.  Nutella?  That seemed curious until I noticed that the Better Breakfast Challenge is sponsored by Nutella.  Seriously.

First, let me say that a marketing ploy by a food company really shouldn’t count as a volunteer opportunity to be highlighted in a family magazine.  The whole ploy isn’t surprising given the current status of advertising dollars available for magazines but it’s more than a bit underhanded to include it as a way of helping others.  This is advertising disguised as a feature story.

Second, Nutella is NOT A HEALTHY CHOICE!  I fell for the whole “Nutella is just hazelnuts plus a bit of cocoa” ploy.  I thought that it was basically a fancier, more expensive peanut butter.  Yummy health food?  Not so much when you actually compare the labels.

1 Tablespoon Nutella has 100 cal., 6 g fat, 1 g protein, and 11 g sugar.

1 Tablespoon peanut butter has 95 cal., 8 g fat, 4 g protein, and 1.5 g sugar.

Peanut butter is obviously a better choice with more protein and about 1/10th the sugar.  In fact, the Nutella has the same amount of sugar as a honey dipped donut from Tim Hortons (and the donut has more protein).

The Better Breakfast Challenge is a great idea.  The goal is to eat a healthy breakfast for 21 days thereby creating a new healthy habit.  Go ahead and sign up for the challenge on the Nutella website; Nutella will donate $1 to Breakfast for Learning for every participant.  Just skip the Nutella on toast.

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