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Victory in Iraq

November 17, 2008

I was wrong in recent assessment of a timetable to leave Iraq.  I still don’t see how it can be smart to publicize when you’re leaving a place where you have armed enemies.  Of course, the troops will leave at some point before then, not on that actual date.  (And I should really think a bit more before blogging but that would be boring, no?)  My mistake was in assuming that removing the troops was equivalent to a surrender.  I was so wrong.  Probably because I hadn’t really paid attention to news from Iraq while the election was coming to a conclusion.

Have you noticed that we’re hearing less news from Iraq?  Fewer alarmist articles?  Can you guess why?

We won.  That’s right.  Victory in Iraq.  Zombie has declared November 22nd as Victory in Iraq Day.


We’ll be celebrating with other bloggers.

From Zombie:

Look!  Girls walking to school!

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